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As defined under the US privacy law and information security regulations, personally identifiable information is the demographic variables that make it possible to identify, locate or contact a single person or isolate individuals in a particular context. Obviously, proper handling of your personally identifiable information is very crucial for maintaining your privacy over the Internet.

This privacy policy has been designed to address your concerns for the privacy and security of your personal data. You should carefully read this document to understand exactly how we collect, share or use your personal information. We hope that our commitment to protecting your personally identifiable information will resolve all apprehensions regarding your privacy on our website.

User Information that we collect

When you access , or use any services being offered on this website, we shall have a right to collect your personally identifiable as well as non-identifiable information. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, all user information shall be collected as per the provisions of this privacy policy.

We don’t use any automated tool or instrument to collect your personally identifiable information. However, we may compile and store your personally identifiable information when you provide this information to purchase products or services being offered on this website, participate in a marketing survey, register or subscribe to us for using our premium / value-added services.

How we use this information

We shall never sell, lease or share your personally identifiable information with the third parties except what is necessary for fulfilling your requests. The use of your personal information shall be limited to advertising and marketing campaign with the sole intention of offering improved and customized services.

We use your personal information:


  • To analyze and understand user preferences so that we can offer customized products and services you are looking for.
  • To improve our services and provide unmatched browsing / user experience.




Cookies are widely used for analyzing the browsing behavior of the Internet users. These small files can be stored on any devices meant for Internet access. In fact, cookies are very instrumental in providing improved and customized services for the users and ensuring that the users are redirected to the right destination when they click on an advertisement. You should acknowledge that we may use cookies for identifying you on our website, estimating the reach of our advertisers, calculating the frequency of your revisits, track and process the items in your shopping cart, and/or analyzing your previous or current site activity so that we can improve our services. Cookies help us to gather non-identifiable user information. When aggregated, this user data about site traffic and interaction proves very helpful in the internal administration of web sites.


We use cookies:

  • To track and analyze the user’s preferences and offer customized services.
  • To track the performance of various advertisements.
  • To gather and compile aggregate user data and site interactions so that we can improve our services and provide a better site experience. We may also collaborate with the third party service providers for the collection and analysis of user data related to your visit to our website.


If you have any reservations, you can disable this user tracking by changing the configuration of your web browser so that it refuses our cookies. However, doing so may prevent you from accessing certain features of our website, or you may not be able to access our website at all because cookies are essential for smooth functioning of our website.
Third Party Disclosure


We shall never promote our business by renting, selling or sharing personally identifiable user information with the third party advertisers without providing an advanced notice. However, you should acknowledge that we may share your personal information with our website hosting partners, and collaborating service providers for conducting our business, operating this website, offering customized services and fulfilling your requests. We shall not be responsible for any unprofessional behavior on the part of these third party collaborators and subsequent disclosure of your personally identifiable information.


Nothing in this privacy policy shall infringe our exclusive discretionary rights of disclosing your personal information when we think that it is necessary for protecting our business or legal rights, enforcing the regulations of law enforcement agencies and courts, safeguarding the rights of other users, or appropriately responding to any situation that requires disclosure of personal information.


As far as no-personally identifiable information is concerned, we shall have a right to share this information (in an aggregate / anonymous form) with third parties for advertising, marketing or launching any other campaign of business promotion.
Third party links


You should acknowledge and consent that we shall not be responsible for gathering, storage and use of personal information by third party websites or service providers being featured or linked on our website. You should understand that collection and use of personal information by third party websites or service providers are governed by their own privacy Policy; and therefore, you should carefully read their terms of service before accessing or using their services. However, your feedback about these third party websites having a link with us is always welcome.




You should acknowledge that we may collaborate with third party service providers like Google Analytics that use first party cookies or employ third party cookies and identifies (like cookies from DoubleClick) to collect user data,  interactions, impressions and other ad services related to our website.


If you have any concerns for the collection of usage data, you can configure the Google Ad Setting page to change your preferences regarding Google Ads to you. You can also use Google Analytics Opt Out Browser add on or visit the Network Advertising initiative opt out page to permanently stop these ad services and collection of usage data.


Do not track signals

We have a policy of strictly honoring the Don’t track signal of your web browser. If configured so, we don’t track your browsing behavior, plant cookies or use any promotional tool to publish customized ads.


Third party behavioral tracking


You should acknowledge that we also collaborate with third party service providers for behavior tracking and analysis. However, all behavioral trackings are conducted for improving our services, providing customized offers and effectively administering this website.


California Online Privacy Protection Act


CalOPPA made it mandatory for commercial websites and online service providers to post a privacy policy that exactly reveals how they intend to protect the privacy of their visitors and users. In fact, the implications of this act extend beyond the borders of the California state and require the online business owners in the United States  (even the whole world) to specifically mention what kind of personally identifiable information from Californian consumers is being gathered, and how it’s being shared with third parties. You can find ore information at





The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) helps the parents in securing the privacy of their minor children over the Internet and empowers the Federal Trade commission to enforce its regulations. The COPPA Act spells out mandatory provisions for website owners and online service providers to ensure that the privacy or safety of children under 13 are not compromised.

Children under 13 shall not be allowed to access or use any services being offered on this website. We don’t intend to market or gather personal information of minors under 13 years of age, and if collected under any exceptional circumstances, we shall have absolute discretionary rights to purge their personal information from our services.





The CAN SPAM Act defines a commercial message or email, and provides standard guidelines for sending commercial emails and marketing contents. It was enacted to protect people from receiving unsolicited commercial emails by allowing them to opt out and stop receiving commercial emails. CAN SPAM act contains very strict penalties for those business owners who violate people’s right under this act.

Absolutely complying with CAN SPAM act, we collect your email address and build our mailing list with the sole purpose of providing useful information to our clients after the original transactions have occurred.
As required by CANSPAM act, we ensure that:


  • Emails don’t contain misleading / fabricated subjects or directed to unknown recipients.
  • Marketing messages can be easily identified by the intended recipients.
  • Every Email contains the physical address of our official website or business.
  • The opt-out / unsubscribe requests of our clients are quickly entertained.
  • The emails contain a link to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving such emails.
  • When using third party marketing services, we monitor that the rights of our clients under this act are not violated.


If you don’t want to receive useful information or customized offers related to your purchase, you can follow the links at the bottom of our email and request to unsubscribe at any time. We shall promptly respond and stop sending all correspondence prohibited under this act.

Contacting Us


If you have any questions or reservations against this privacy policy, you can contact us by using the contact form available on our website at this address :

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